HSV Singles Review - UPDATED May. 2024

UPDATED May. 2024
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People suffering from genital or oral herpes (HSV) often have quite a hard time finding love. Herpes simplex is a condition that can make dating and sex quite difficult and people with herpes are sometimes shunned because of their condition. However, millions of folks around the world have the same problem, which is why it’s so great that websites like HSV Singles exist and bring people with herpes simplex together. Take a look at our HSV Singles review and find out if this website works for you.

First Impression

First impressions are important, no matter what the proverb says. When we first visit a website, especially a dating site, that first feeling is probably going to decide whether we are going to join or not. In the case of HSV Singles, it’s a pretty good first impression, mostly because the website is pretty straightforward. It’s a no-frills place that literally spells “herpes dating.” It’s very unpretentious and simple and yet its message is clear – the website is here to bring together singles with herpes simplex and help them start great new friendships and relationships.

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Design and Functionality

HSV Singles is a dating site that doesn’t pay too much attention to appearances. The design is very, very simple, maybe even somewhat outdated. You won’t see any fancy illustrations or modern graphic solutions. Everything is very basic, but it works. Sometimes you have a very meticulously designed website with tons of graphic elements and you might have to spend quite some time looking for a simple feature like the login form, FAQ or the About section. You don’t get that with HSV Singles since everything is right there in front of you.

Signing up and navigating the site is incredibly easy and takes only a few seconds. Every single feature of this website is easy to locate and even easier to use. This terrific functionality makes a truly good website, especially if we’re talking about dating. You just want to meet singles with herpes singles, share your experiences and talk to someone great, not waste your time on a website that barely works or is riddled with bugs. 

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HSV Singles offers a basic selection of features. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be missing anything. All you need for successful online dating is right there. You have the option of browsing user photos or you can use the search form with specific criteria such as age, location, and interests.

Bear in mind that free users and premium users don’t have access to the same features. Premium users, naturally, can use more of the site’s features while those with a free account can browse, search for singles in their area, create a profile, and upload photos. They can also receive instant messages (IM) but they cannot reply. Messaging, whether we’re talking about e-mails or IMs, is reserved for those with a premium account.

HSV Singles has an interesting feature called Little Black Book, where you can add (after getting their permission) users that you’re particularly interested in. When a user is in your Little Black Book, you can see some of their private photos and have access to additional profile details.

Users can also use chat rooms, which are very popular, and send and receive flirts, which is something like a nudge or a poke, except the message behind it is basically “I like you.”


This website has some truly terrific users. Herpes simplex singles are a vibrant, exciting, and open community that embraces everyone with the same problem. With these folks, you can finally feel at home, relaxed, comfortable, and free to just be yourself. It’s a very precious thing for anyone suffering from this condition.

As we searched and browsed the users for the purposes of this HSV Singles review, we noticed that the number of males and females is pretty equal, which is good news for everyone. No one wants a website that is just one big sausage fest or a girls-only club. Users come from all over the world, but the majority is from the United States. The website, especially the chat rooms, is very active at all times. It’s precisely this fun, open-minded crowd that earned HSV Singles a place on our list of best HSV dating websites.

Closing Word

As you can tell from our HSV Singles review, this is a very good website for meeting singles with herpes. It doesn’t have any advanced features or fancy design, but it’s highly functional and has a big, exciting member community. Definitely a website worth checking out.

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User Reviews (8)

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  1. LifeStillGoesOn | January 8, 2020

    Bogus. Signed u for the $1 a month trial. Never able to sign onto the website. Called customer service twice and was told my account was being reviewed and would be active in 48 hours. Told this twice over a 5-day period. Customer service told me my account was cancelled and they send a confirming email, which never arrived.
    There are other, more reliable HSV sites out there, and as far as HSVSingles goes, too much hassle and mistrust.

  2. ClaireGemini | September 22, 2019

    I found a man I really liked here, after so long. Maybe Im not Tinderella, but this website help find someone to share my life with. My recommendation, use chatrooms!

  3. PhillyBoundSasha | June 11, 2019

    Having herpes is a problem enough, but dating here makes it easier. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so giving it a go can only be a positive thing, at least for me!

  4. MikefromLouisiana | April 15, 2019

    This website is surprisingly good. Video chatrooms encouraged me to be more forward with women, and it worked. I’m having a date in a couple of days, so go go hsv singles!

  5. SexyJamie | February 11, 2019

    I wish video profiles were mandatory here, some photos can be misleading. I’ve had some dates, none of them really successful, so I keep looking. Being on a site where my biggest flaw is common ground for the whole community makes me feel much more relaxed. Maybe I found a soulmate, who knows!

  6. Erica972 | November 20, 2018

    I’ve only been around hsv singles for a few weeks, but it helped me so much. I found out I’m actually much more open when chatting here than in person, which is not that surprising I guess. I love the little black book feature! The most important thing is that these are real people I talk to, and that’s not always the case. All in all, staying here until I catch someone to run away with. J

  7. IHeartBacon | May 11, 2018

    I have joined support groups before but they didn’t help at all, sometimes they made me feel even worse. HSV Singles is a actually a fun place to be and its not all about HSV, it’s about making friends and finding someone cool to chat, date, whatever. There should be more sites like this.

  8. Sonic1983 | May 22, 2017

    When I was first diagnosed, I felt so alone, you know, like it was only happening to me and I was so mad. This site helped me realize that there are a whole lot of people out there with HSV. It’s not a curse and it doesn’t define me. I am dating now and it’s not serious yet but I am happy and I think everyone should talk more about HSV dating sites, HSV Singles has really changed my life for the better, no one should go through it alone.

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